Bringing a new level of service to Ukrainian consumers
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Recent years have seen a jump in applications automating many aspects of daily lives to reduce bills and increase efficiency – particularly for millennials who are struggling to balance home life with increasingly demanding career requirements.
As a result, many Western markets like the United Kingdom or Germany have seen applications helping monitor and manage energy consumption – for example the British Gas Smart app allows to UK-based consumers to set energy spending targets or book engineers, all from the convenience of their smartphone.

The 104 Mobile application of the Regional Gas Company aims to bring this innovation to Ukrainian consumers – with a single place to track and manage gas usage. The goal is to offer greater convenience compared to traditional solutions, not just by allowing consumers to monitor usage in real-time, but also store and authenticate documents – all via the 104 Mobile app.

The application will allow customers in the "not too distant future" according to company representations, additionally aims to users to optimize their energy mix, using a combination of gas and electricity for heating, depending on the prices offered by various sources. Together with the real-time tracking functionality, this could help consumers bring down bills and total usage.

This can prove to be particularly useful in the case of Ukraine. The East European nation of 42 million is one of the world's most energy-intensive economies – meaning that it requires a greater amount of energy to produce a single unit of GDP – in large part due to the outdated infrastructure and ineffective use of energy by the population. By helping residential gas consumers use energy more rationally, the 104 Mobile application can help address this challenge.

It also opens up possibilities provided by the so-called Internet of Things, or IoT. This global trend involves connecting various instruments and equipment to the internet, automatically collecting and monitoring data sent by these devices to provide complex system management. This includes monitoring pressure in gas networks, maintenance needs and other data points.

According to global consultancy McKinsey, the potential impact of IoT in energy storage is an astounding $200 to 600 billion before 2025. By aggregating insights on such issues as consumer habits, network optimization, and predicting maintenance and investment needs, IoT is expected to be a major driver of new business solutions and innovation – continuing to push the frontier to bring value to consumers for years to come.
Smart gas meters bring a new level of convenience to consumers.
Previous solutions could monitor consumption, but users would still need to check gas meters and send data manually. This is no longer the case, as the smart meter allows to automatically share this information with providers
Data from the smart meter will be available to customers in real time, helping them analyze their consumption, use energy more rationally, and save money!
Consumers can buy gas at bargain prices directly through their smartphones.
In addition to buying gas, customers of gas companies will be able to purchase equipment and services to ensure reliable gas supply directly via the app.
Save the planet and cut out paper completely!
Reports, invoices and receipts are all available in the 104 Mobile and 104 Mobile Light applications, or in consumers' personal cabinets on the site – and you no longer need to sign or authenticate these documents in person!
Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers – this is our top priority!
Our app allows to monitor air quality in the house and kitchen online. Carbon monoxide and smoke sensors can automatically send data to emergency services
It's not just gas meters that can be connected to the internet.
Boilers or columns can also go online. As a result, the Regional Gas Company can monitor their performance in real time. In case of any issues, consumers will be notified, and repair services commissioned as part of the full-service support provided to customers
In the future customers are not limited to thinking in terms.
Rather, they will be able to choose energy from different sources depending on which offers the most attractive price. Both gas and electricity can be used for heating, and the mobile app will show customers the cost of a kilowatt from all available sources
Ukraine's 350 thousand kilometers of gas pipelines are enough to go around the world 8 times!
The Regional Gas Company mapped them out, creating a "Gas Google map" of current and historical networks!

If you want to be connected to the network, our specialists can calculate the best possible linkages and the investment required without leaving their desk
Regional Gas Company was a pioneer in Ukraine in developing a network performance benchmark.
A UNIT is a cluster comprising 1,000 customers and the equipment needed to provide them with gas.

UNITs make it possible to compare the performance of different gas suppliers and investment needs. It help gas firms improve the quality of their services and use of available resources.
Remote-controlled valves allow immediately react and localize emergency situations
Currently, pressure regulation is done manually, but it can be automated – completely cutting out human involvement.

This approach significantly increases the safety of gas networks and makes it possible to regulate them remotely, reducing reliance on emergency services
Everywhere you turn, there's an app that makes life easier.
In this project, KP BrandStudio explores with Regional Gas Company what solution could be offered to Ukrainians. We look at the potential features that can help ordinary residents manage their consumption and reduce their paperwork.

Perhaps even more important – a well designed app providing gas in your smartphone can increase safety and reduce the nation's energy expenses.